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How to create sales proposal templates
How to create sales proposal templates
Learn how to save yourself time by creating sales proposal (good, better, best) templates.
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In this article, you will learn how to create sales proposal templates to send to your clients.

Sales Proposals — commonly known as “good, better, best” — is available as a Marketplace add-on that enables you to present your clients with multiple estimates in a clear and simple way. Sales proposal templates allow you to create and save a set of estimates that you can easily reuse for future jobs. No more creating the same sales proposals over and over again.

Sales proposal templates will save the following estimate attributes:

  • Cover images

  • Names

  • Description

  • Line items (including quantity, price, cost, markup, item description, amount, tax, associated item custom fields, taxable item setting, optional item setting)

  • Grouped line items

  • Notes

  • Attachments

Creating a new sales proposal template

Note: In order to create sales proposal templates, you will first need to enable the Sales Proposals add-on and create a sales proposal.

To learn more about enabling the add-on, please see this article.

  1. Open the job that contains the sales proposal you want to templatize

  2. From the job page, select the Estimates tab

  3. Select one of the estimates

  4. From the estimate page, select Actions > Save as proposal template

  5. Save as a new proposal template or replace an existing template

    1. New: Enter a name for this proposal template and select Save

    2. Replace: Choose the existing template you want to replace and select Save

Tip: You can edit an existing template by making changes from the estimate page, selecting Actions > Save as proposal template, and then selecting Replace existing template.

Using a sales proposal template in a job

After creating a sales proposal template, you can easily add them to a job with just a few clicks.

To learn more about adding a sales proposal template to a job, please see this article.

Managing your sales proposal templates

Workiz also provides you with the Sales Proposal Manager, where you can get an overview of all your templates and make quick changes.

To learn more about using the Sales Proposal Manager, please see this article.

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