In this article, you will learn how to create new jobs using the mobile app.

  1. From the Schedule page, select the + icon > New job

  2. Complete the Client info fields:

    1. Client name: Enter your client’s first and last name OR search for an existing client

    2. Phone number: Enter your client’s phone number

    3. Address: Enter your client’s service address

    4. Email address: Enter your client’s email address

    5. (Optional) Client company name: Enter the name of your client’s company

  3. Complete the Job info fields:

    1. Job type: Choose the job type related to the job you are creating

      Tip: For more information on creating job types, please see this article.

    2. Ad source: Choose the job source related to the job you are creating

    3. Service area: Choose the service area your client’s service address is in

      Tip: Workiz will automatically choose the service area nearest to the address for this job.

      For more information on creating service areas, please see this article.

    4. Job schedule: Choose the schedule details for this job

    5. Job description: Enter a job description as desired

  4. Select Create job

Your job will now be created, but listed as unassigned on your schedule. To assign a job to a member of your team, scroll down the job page and select Assign technician.

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