In this article, you will learn how Workiz interacts with QuickBooks inventory items.

After syncing your Workiz and QuickBooks accounts, inventory items created in QuickBooks will become available to use as line items in Workiz invoices.

If you add QuickBooks inventory items to a Workiz invoice and then sync that invoice to QuickBooks, those items will automatically be deducted from your QuickBooks inventory.

Note: This process only works when adding QuickBooks inventory items to Workiz invoices. Adding items to jobs or estimates will have no impact on your QuickBooks inventory.

Additionally, Workiz can only deduct items from your QuickBooks inventory — it cannot add items. Inventory levels must originally be defined in QuickBooks.

Example scenario:

  1. You have created a QuickBooks inventory item

    1. Name: My inventory item

    2. Cost: $10

    3. Price: $100

    4. Stock level: 10

    5. Stock balance: $100

  2. You add one of those items to an invoice in Workiz

  3. You select Sync to QuickBooks

  4. The item will be removed from your QuickBooks inventory, with the Workiz invoice listed as the Payee account

  5. Your QuickBooks balance will be updated from $100 to $90 to reflect the deducted inventory item used on the Workiz invoice

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