In this article, you will learn how to create sales proposals on the go using the Workiz mobile app.

Sales proposals — commonly known as “good, better, best” — are available as a Marketplace add-on that enables you to present your clients with multiple estimates in a clear and simple way. Sales proposals are designed to help your customers understand the different options your company offers for a particular service, and allow them to choose the one that makes the most sense for their needs and budget.

Sales proposals can be created easily using the Workiz mobile app.

Creating sales proposals on mobile

While you can create standalone estimates using the mobile app, a sales proposal must be created from a job.

  1. Open a job you want to create a sales proposal for

  2. Select the Finance tab

  3. Next to Estimates, select the + icon

  4. Configure the first estimate of your sales proposal:

    1. Name: Select the kebab menu (three dots) icon > Rename estimate and edit the name for this estimate (e.g., Good, Bronze, etc.)

    2. Image: Select Cover image and upload an image for this estimate using your device’s camera or image library

    3. Description: Under Description, select Add and enter a brief description for this estimate

    4. Items: Next to Items, select the + icon and choose all of the line items you want to include on this estimate

  5. Go back to the job page

  6. Next to Estimates, select the + icon again to add a second estimate

  7. Configure the second estimate of your sales proposal (see Step 4)

  8. Repeat Steps 5–7 until you have created all of the estimates you want to include

    Tip: Be careful about including too many estimates in one sales proposal. Too many estimates may overwhelm your customers and prevent them from understanding which plan makes most sense for them, as well as prevent your business from upselling and increasing revenue.

    We recommend limiting your sales proposals to three estimates.

Sending a sales proposal on mobile

  1. Under Estimates, select Send as proposal

  2. Update the Send proposal fields as desired and select Send

Here’s a look at what your clients will see:

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