In this article, you will learn how to create group messages to simultaneously communicate with multiple members of your team.

The Workiz Message Center is your all-in-one hub for business communications, allowing you to contact your clients and team members via text message and email. The Message Center also features group messaging, enabling you to send messages to multiple team members at the same time.

Note: Clients cannot be included in group messages.

Creating a group message

  1. From the navigation bar, select the Message Center

  2. Select New group

  3. Complete the Add new group fields:

    1. Group name: Enter a name for the group you are creating

    2. Users: Choose all of the users you want to include in the group you are creating

      Tip: Use the filter option to only display team members with specific user roles (e.g., admins, managers, dispatchers, etc.).

    3. Select Save

You can now send text and multimedia (e.g., files and images) messages to multiple team members at once.

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