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We recently made the switch to a new version of Workiz Pay that now uses Stripe technology. Support for the old Workiz Pay via WePay will begin ending on Nov. 30, 2022. Existing customers using Workiz Pay via WePay will need to migrate their accounts to the new Workiz Pay before that date.

The new Workiz Pay is faster, offers improved customer support, gives you enhanced control over your online payments, and enables us to offer modern payment capabilities.

Getting set up with the new Workiz Pay is quick and easy. Existing customers will still be able to collect payments using Workiz Pay via WePay until their account is fully migrated.

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In this article, you will learn how to use line items in Workiz to have your clients cover the cost of Workiz Pay transaction fees.

IMPORTANT: In many states across the United States, it is illegal to pass processing fees onto a client. We strongly recommend you research your state’s requirements and determine the legality before adding any convenience fees to your documents in Workiz.

The information provided in this article does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice. Instead, all information, content, and materials available in this article are for general informational purposes only.

Workiz Pay is a fast, simple, and secure online payments solution that enables you to collect credit card payments from your customers while on the job. Like any other credit card processing platform, Workiz Pay includes a processing fee.

While there is no setting in Workiz to automatically pass along the processing fees onto your client, you may create a custom line item to pass the processing fee onto your client and recover the cost.

Creating a convenience fee line item

  1. From the navigation bar, select Settings > Settings

  2. Under Job Settings, select Items & Products

  3. From the Items & Products page, select Add New

  4. Complete the following Add New Item fields:

    1. Title: Enter Convenience fee

    2. Item description: Enter Credit card processing fee

    3. Price: Enter 0.00

    4. Taxable item: Turn this toggle switch OFF

    5. Select Save

Adding a convenience fee line item to jobs, estimates, or invoices

  1. Open the job, estimate, or invoice you want to add a convenience fee to

  2. Select Add Item

  3. Select Convenience fee

  4. For the item price, enter the price you want to charge as a convenience fee for this job or invoice

    IMPORTANT: Please ensure that convenience fees are legal in your state before adding them to a job, estimate, or invoice.

    Even if passing along the transaction fee is legal in your state, it is ILLEGAL for the convenience fee to exceed 4% of the purchase price.

  5. Select Save

Your job items or invoice will now include a convenience fee to cover the transaction fee your business pays for processing credit card payments via Workiz Pay.

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