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Flexible payment options (Sunbit)
How to send Sunbit installment offers to your clients
How to send Sunbit installment offers to your clients

Learn more about offering flexible payment plans using Sunbit.

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In this article, you will learn how to collect payments using Sunbit’s flexible installment plans.

Sunbit is a buy now, pay later (BNPL) technology company that makes it easier for your customers to say yes to your services by offering flexible installment plans without a hard credit check.

With Sunbit, you can offer your clients access to flexible payment options that ensure you receive the full payment for your services up front while allowing your clients to pay in installments over time — including the option to make four payments at 0% interest for your clients. It’s fast, easy, and a win-win for both you and your clients.

Sending installment offers directly to your clients

  1. Open the job, estimate, or invoice you want to collect payment for

  2. Follow the step that corresponds with what you opened in Step 1

    1. Job: Select Pay

    2. Estimate or invoice: Select Payments > Add a payment

  3. Select Sunbit As low as [$$]

  4. Confirm the client's phone number and select Send application link

Your client will receive a text message with a link to apply for Sunbit.

Sending installment offers on estimates and invoices

Once your Sunbit account has been activated, all estimates and invoices with balances between $60–$10,000 will automatically feature an option for Sunbit installment plans.

What your clients will see

Once you’ve set up your Sunbit account, you will be able to send estimates and invoices that include installment plan options on both desktop and mobile.

Your customers will now see a Pay-over-time option — including a potential monthly payment amount.

If your customers choose to apply for a Sunbit payment plan from one of your estimates or invoices, they will be directed to the Sunbit sign-up page where they will be asked to provide some personal information such as their name, phone number, email, home address, and date of birth. The entire application process should only take a few minutes.

If approved, your customers will be presented with a variety of payment plan options to choose from to pay for your service.

How to know if your client is using Sunbit

You will receive an email from Sunbit to notify you that:

  • Your customer has been approved or denied for a Sunbit payment plan

  • Your customer has decided to pay for your service using a Sunbit payment plan

The Payments tab of the job page on your Workiz account will also indicate whether a client has paid for your service using a Sunbit payment plan.

For more information on how to talk to your clients about Sunbit’s flexible payment options, please see this article.

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