In this article, you will learn how to add items and services to your Online Booking portal.

The Workiz Online Booking portal allows you to present your customers with specific items and services that you offer. This enables them to pick and choose all of the items and services they want during a professional checkout experience.

Items and services will also include prices, allowing your customers to see how much they’ll need to pay as they add or remove items and services from their cart.

The Online Booking portal will also allow you to collect payment for the items and services your clients have selected before the appointment is scheduled. To learn more about enabling online payments for Online Booking, please see this article.

Adding booking items to Online Booking

  1. From the navigation bar, select Settings > Settings

  2. Under Integrations, select Online Booking

  3. Select the Booking items tab

  4. Select Add booking item or Import existing item and proceed to the corresponding section below

Importing an existing booking item

Selecting Import existing item will allow you to import services you may have previously created.

  1. After selecting Import existing service, choose all of the services you want to import and then select Add

Creating a new booking item

Selecting Add booking item will allow you to create a new booking item directly from the Online Booking settings page. Creating a new item or service from here will also make this item or service available across your Workiz account when creating estimates, invoices, and more.

  1. After selecting Add booking item, complete the Add New Item fields:

    1. (Optional) Upload Image: Select Upload Image and choose an image you want your clients to see for this service in the Online Booking portal

    2. Title: Enter the name of the service you want to create

    3. Price: Enter the price your clients will pay for the service you want to create

    4. Part Serial#: Enter the serial number associated with the service you want to create (if any)

    5. Unit Cost: Enter the price you pay for this service (e.g., cost of labor, goods, etc.)

    6. Service: Choose Service

    7. Taxable item: Turn the toggle switch ON (green) if this service IS taxable. Turn the toggle switch OFF (gray) if this service IS NOT taxable.

    8. Item Description: Enter a description of the service you want to create

    9. Booking Price: Enter the price your clients will see for this service on the Online Booking portal

    10. Select Save

  2. To add another service, select Add service > Add new

  3. Complete the Add New Item fields for this booking item

  4. Repeat Steps 2-3 until you have created all of your booking items

What your clients will see in Online Booking

Once you have uploaded all of your services, you can preview what your clients will see in your Online Booking portal.

  1. To preview the desktop version of your Online Booking portal, select Preview

  2. To preview the mobile version of your Online Booking portal, select the Booking settings tab and scroll down to the mobile device preview on the right side of the screen

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