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Supercharge Your Business with Workiz’ Apps & Integrations
Supercharge Your Business with Workiz’ Apps & Integrations

Workiz Marketplace lets you empower your business with a variety of add-ons and customize your plan based on your unique business needs

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Workiz offers dozens of add-on that can help you market your business, build customer loyalty, manage everything more effectively, and track your inventory.

Some of the apps are completely free and others require a plan upgrade or an additional monthly charge.

How to activate an add-on?

  1. Click on the upper-left gear and then on “Marketplace”

2. Search for the add-on you need by scrolling down, using the search bar, or by clicking on one of the categories.

3. Choose the add-on you require and click on “Learn More”

  • If the add-on is included in your plan:

    - Activate it by clicking on the gray toggle button on the upper-left side.

- Set it up:

* If you want to learn more about how to set it up and use each add-on, please read the “Additional Guides” and videos added to each add-on page

  • If the add-on requires a plan upgrade or an additional payment:

  1. Click on the requested add-on.

2. Click on the “Get <add-on name>” button on the upper left side.

3. Read the confirmation summary and click on “Confirm Feature Purchase”.

What are the most popular add-ons?

  • If you use Thumbtack to get leads we advise you to use our Thumbtack integration. Once you connect Thumbtack to your Workiz account you’ll start to get new leads right into your Workiz inbox. Then you can text or call those leads and turn them into jobs with one click.

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