In this article, you will learn how to save a client's credit cards on file for future payments.

Allowing your clients to save their credit card information is a great way to streamline and simplify the checkout process for your clients when they are paying for your services.

In order to save a credit card on file, you will first need to enable online payments by signing up for Workiz Pay. To learn more about enabling online payments using Workiz Pay, please see this article.

Saving a card on file

In Workiz, cards can be saved on file in several different ways, both by you and your client. This includes when:

  • You enter a manual job payment

  • Your client enters a payment in the client portal

  • You enroll a client in a service plan

Saving card when entering manual payment

When manually entering a credit card payment directly on a job, you will see the option to save the card on file.

Saving card from client portal

When you send your clients an estimate or invoice using the Workiz client portal, they will be presented with the option to save their card for future payments.

Saving card when enrolling clients in service plans

When enrolling a client in a service plan in Workiz, you will be presented with two options to collect payment: Sending payment request and entering the payment manually.

Sending service plan payment requests

When receiving payment from a payment request, the card used for payment will automatically be saved on file. Your clients will be notified of this from the client portal itself.

Manually entering service plan payments

When entering the payment manually, you will see the option to save the card on file.

Charging cards saved on file

When your client chooses to save their card for future payments, your business will not have access to the payment details. The payment details will simply be stored as a payment option whenever that client is submitting a payment for future estimate deposits or invoices.

The credit card will be saved as a payment option when:

  • Manually charging a client within Workiz

  • Clients open invoices in the Workiz client portal

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