Whether you're already using Gusto or want to get started, find out how to connect your employees' timesheets to the Gusto payroll system

Once you connect Workiz to your Gusto account, you can send your employees' timesheets to eliminate double entries and sync your employees to Gusto.

Don’t have a Gusto account yet? Enjoy Gusto for free for 3 months!

Important: for now Workiz only supports syncing to 1 Gusto account, when authorizing access to Workiz, please check the account you wish to connect.

How to connect Gusto to your Workiz account?

  1. From the left-hand navigation menu, select "Reports"

2. Click on the "Timesheet" report tab

3. Click on the “Discover easy payroll with Gusto” button on the upper right side

4. On the Gusto opening page, click on “Connect with Gusto"

* If you don’t have a Gusto account yet, you can create a Gusto account right from this page

5. Click on "Authorize" to connect the two accounts.

How to sync your Workiz team to your Gusto employees?

  1. On the top section, you’ll see employee matches that we found based on name or email. If they are correct, click on the check. If not, click on the "X" sign.

  2. To match more team members click on an employee box from Workiz and match it to the same employee’s account on Gusto.

  3. If you have an employee that has a Workiz account and still doesn’t have a Gusto account you can easily create one by clicking on “add as new Gusto employee.”

  4. Click “Finish Sync” once you’re done.

* You can later add and sync more employees under the employee’s tab.

How to send payroll hours to Gusto?

  1. Click on the "Payroll" tab on the Gusto page.

  2. You’ll see a list of your synced users and their timesheets for the selected payroll period.

* The selected payroll period is synced with the Gusto account settings. If you want to change your pay schedule, you can read about it more in this article by Gusto.

3. Make sure your company's overtime hours are set correctly. The default setting is based on a standard of 8 work hours a day and 40 hours a week. If you wish to change that:

3.1. Click on the “Overtime” button

3.2. Update your weekly and daily overtime hours

4. Click on the "Send Hours" button to send your team’s hours for payroll.

How do I send the payrolls to my team from Gusto?

  1. From the left-hand navigation menu in your Gusto account, click on “Run payroll”

2. Select the relevant payment period

3. Click on “Run Payroll”

Timesheet sync based on employee classification

Your team payroll can vary based on their salary and the type of work that they do - they can have an hourly based salary or a fixed based salary.

If your employee has an hourly-based salary, their timesheet will be automatically synced once you click on the “Send Hours” button. If, however, your employee is defined in gusto as a fixed salary their timesheet will not be synced.

Important note: Workiz can send timesheets only for users who finished the onboarding process at Gusto. If you send a team member timesheet to Gusto regarding an employee that didn’t finish the Gusto onboarding process, you’ll see an error message under his name in the Payroll.

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