Sometimes you may have multiple sub-clients and locations under one umbrella client. In Workiz, you can specify parent and sub-client relationships between your clients, making it easier to manage and keep track of complex business relationships. (If you're using QuickBooks, you're probably already familiar with the concept.)

Who’s it for?

Assigning parent clients can come in handy when working with a client that is managed or provided by another client.
If you work with:

  • Property management

  • Warranty providers

  • Real-estate agents

  • Or any case where another client is actually being invoiced

How to assign a parent client?

On the client page, input the name of the parent client where it says “Set A Parent Client.”

Want to make sure your invoices are always sent automatically to the parent client? Select “Parent client pays invoices.”

What happens after you set a parent client?

  1. A sub client tab will be added to the Parent client page.

2. Parent client due amount will include balance from sub clients

3. Parent client job list shows sub clients' jobs

4. Invoices show it's a sub client

Adding jobs to a sub client

You can easily search all sub-clients by the parent company name when adding a job.

From the search client tab in the job page:

Or from the client page under the sub-client tab:

Does it sync with with Quick?

Yes. Sub-clients in QBO will sync to Workiz as sub-clients and the other way around.

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