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Understanding and assigning parent clients
Understanding and assigning parent clients

Learn more about what parent clients are and how to assign them to clients in Workiz.

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In this article, you will learn about parent clients and how to assign them to your clients in Workiz.

What is a parent client?

A parent client is a client that oversees multiple other clients on your Workiz account. In Workiz, you can specify parent and sub-client relationships between your clients, making it easy to manage and keep track of complex business relationships.

Tip: If you’re using QuickBooks, you may already be familiar with this concept.

Sub-clients in QuickBooks will sync to Workiz as sub-clients. Likewise, creating sub-clients in Workiz will also sync to QuickBooks.

Who are parent clients designed for?

Assigning a parent client is a useful tool when working with a client who is managed or provided by another client. This is common for:

  • Property managers

  • Warranty providers

  • Real estate agents

  • Any other scenario where the invoice is sent to somebody other than the client who received the service

How to assign a parent client

  1. From the sidebar navigation, select Clients

  2. Select the client you want to assign a parent client to

  3. Select Set a parent client and enter the name of the parent client for this sub-client

  4. (Optional) Select Parent client pays invoices

Managing sub-clients

After assigning a parent client, the sub-client will be featured on the parent client’s profile page. From here, you can view the number of jobs and due balance per sub-client.

Note: The finance widgets at the top of the parent client’s profile page (e.g., Due, Past due, Total revenue, etc.) will now include the balance from the sub-clients.

Creating new jobs and leads for sub-clients

You can create new jobs for sub-clients as you normally would, except now you can search for a specific sub-client by entering the parent client’s name. Entering the parent client’s name will provide you with a list of all the related sub-clients, as well as the parent client themselves.

New jobs, leads invoices, and estimates can also be created directly from the Sub-clients tab on the parent client’s profile page.

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