As your business grows, it's important to stay organized and keep track of your clients. Sometimes you may have multiple sub-clients and locations under one umbrella client. In Workiz, you can specify parent and sub-client relationships between your customers, making it easier to manage and keep track of complex business relationships. (If you're using QuickBooks, you're probably already familiar with the concept.)

Who's it for?

Assigning parent clients can come in handy when working with a client that is managed or provided by another client.
If you work with:

  • Property management

  • Warranty providers

  • Real-estate agents

  • Or any case where another client is actually being invoiced

Each sub-client has their own contact information and they are simply linked to "parent" clients, so you always know which client came from where.

Under the parent client, you'll find all the parent's jobs, and all the sub clients' jobs. You'll also see the due amount, past due amount, and total revenue of jobs for both the parent jobs and sub-clients jobs.

From the sub-client's page, you can also set it so that all invoices will be automatically sent to the “parent” client, eliminating any go-betweens. This will also sync with your QuickBooks account for maximum ease of use!

The automated notifications ( such as job scheduled, on my way, and job completed) will go to the sub-client. The invoices, estimates, and receipts will go to the parent client, if you so choose.

How To Set it Up:

First, create a client account for the parent group or organization, just like you'd create a regular new client. Then add members or accounts as a sub-clients by doing the following:

  1. Click on the "Clients" tab in the left navigation bar.

2. Click on “Add Client”

3. Fill in your new client’s information and Click on "Save"

4. When you're done, it will take you to the created client page. Where it says, "Set A Parent Client," input the name of the umbrella client.

5. Want to make sure your invoices are always sent automatically to the parent client? Select “Parent client pays invoices.”

Now when you look at your clients list you can easily see which sub clients are linked to which parent client.

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