When submitting a new job, Workiz helps you filter the right tech for the job.

You can easily define which jobs each team member can and can not do, minimizing dispatcher errors when submitting a job.

1. Defining team member preferences

Step 1: Click on the "Team" tab on the left menu.

Step 2: Choose one of your techs.

Step 3: Select skills - You can specify what job types this user can perform or leave it empty if he can perform them all.

Step 4: Select service areas - You can add service areas that this user is available to work in.

👉This option is only visible if you are using metro areas

2. Filtering available techs on your job page based on skills & service areas

When scheduling a new job, your user list will now be filtered based on the users who match the area and or selected job type.

  • Schedule Availability - To make sure your assigned team members are available, you can click "Show Schedule" and select the correct tech and time slot.

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