If you manage a multi-location service business with different franchisees you can use Workiz Franchises feature to manage multiple sub-accounts, quickly navigate between them, and see how well each location is performing.

How to set it up?

  1. Click on the upper-left gear and then on “Marketplace”

2. Search for the "Franchises" add-on by scrolling down, using the search bar, or by clicking on one of the categories and click on "Learn More".

3. From the upper-right side slide the toggle to "Active."

4. Click on "Go to Franchises Settings"

Invite your franchisees to connect as sub-accounts:

  1. To add an account click on ‘+Add Sub Account’

2. Type the email of the Workiz Account admin you want to add as a franchise.

*Make sure you invite the main email account for that account!

3. The admin of that account will receive an email with an access request.

4. After they click on ״Allow Franchise Access” they will be directed to their Workiz account (they might need to login) and would be asked to ‘Accept & Give Access’

5. Once that is done, you (the franchise) will be able to see the new connected account in your sub-account navigation on top.

Manage your franchise from one place

  • Quickly navigate from one account to another in a click - you can check the schedule of a specific location, add jobs, and view their reports. You have full access!

  • Track your franchise performance - get a full breakdown of how your locations are performing.

1. From the left-hand navigation bar, select 'Reports'.

2. Click on the "Franchises" report tab.

The report gives you a full breakdown of how well each location is performing - the number of jobs in each status, cancel rate, sales, profit, average sale, and average profit.

You can easily filter the report by a specific time range - by day, week, or month.

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