What are Custom Attributes That Can Be Added to Line Items For Your Inventory?

Great question! Whether you’re checking out your inventory list, sometimes your items will require a little bit more of an explanation. By adding custom attributes to your line items, you will be able to add a further description for these items.

How Can You Add Custom Attributes to Your Line Items From the Inventory Page?

  1. From the left-hand navigation panel, click 'Inventory'.

2. Click an existing item from the inventory list or select 'Add New'.

3. Fill out the 'Create' or 'Edit Items' page and update any necessary info.

4. Select 'Add item field'.

5. Add your description text for the item:

6. From the dropdown, select whether this item requires:
a. Text: Free text
b. Number: A number.
c. Quantity based number: (A number that's totaled later, i.e., labor hours..)

7. Tick the box next to 'Visible On Item List' (if you want this to be visible to your customer).

8. When your item is added, you’ll see a message that says, 'Custom attribute created'.

9. Click 'Save', on the Edit Item form, to save all changes.

10 When successfully completed, you’ll see an 'Item Updated' message.

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