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Tracking multiple ad sources for Online Booking
Tracking multiple ad sources for Online Booking

Learn how to track multiple ad sources for Online Booking.

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In this article, you will learn how to set up dynamic tracking to understand exactly where your Online Booking revenue is coming from.

When setting up your Online Booking add-on in Workiz, you’ll be asked to choose the ad group associated with your Online Booking portal. It's a simple process that only requires you to choose a single ad group.

But if you have more than one ad group and plan on using your Online Booking link in several different ad campaigns, it’s important to understand which of those ad sources is performing best.

Workiz allows you to do that with just a few steps.

Note: In order to create a link for dynamic tracking, you will first need to set up ad groups and configure your Online Booking portal.

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Creating a link for dynamic tracking

  1. From the navigation bar, select Settings > Settings

  2. Under Integrations, select Online Booking

  3. Select Copy URL link

  4. Paste the URL into your web browser’s address bar

  5. At the end of the URL, add the following text:


  6. Replace xxx with your ad group as it has been entered into your Workiz account

  7. Ensure your URL looks similar to the following:

  8. Use this link on your desired ad campaign

  9. Repeat Steps 3–8 for your remaining ad sources

Now, whenever a user schedules a service appointment through this version of your Online Booking portal, Workiz will automatically identify the ad group.

When you create a new job from the notification you receive for this Online Booking request, Workiz will automatically assign this job to the correct ad group.

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