In this article, you will learn how to monitor the time your team is spending on jobs and shifts.

Workiz offers three different methods for logging time:

  • Clocking in for a job from the mobile app

  • Clocking in for the day on the web and mobile app

  • Manually adding time on the web app

To learn more about how to log time using the methods listed above, please see this article.

Workiz also provides a Timesheets Report you can use to track the time your team members are logging.

How to track employee time

  1. From the sidebar navigation, select Reports

  2. Select Timesheets

This report provides you with a list of all of the hours your team has logged.

Time entries linked to a specific job will feature a job ID. With location tracking enabled, hours that were logged for a specific job will also include exact locations that pinpoint where a tech was when they clocked in and out for a specific job.

You can edit existing entries to adjust the date, hours, or add notes.

This report allows you to filter results based on specific members of your team, entries with or without job IDs, and by specific date ranges.

You can also export this report as a CSV file to help you run payroll on your preferred software.

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