This article will show you how admins can view the amount of time that technicians spend per job and how they can edit these hours.

How Can Admins Edit Hours That Were Spent on the Job?

1. Select the relevant job inside Workiz.

2. Click the 'Items' tab.

3. Scroll down to the time tracking section to view the time tracked for this job.

4. Click on any time shift to make edits.

How Can Admins View the Hours Spent on a Job From Reports:

  1. From the left-hand navigation bar, click 'Reports'.

2. Select 'Timesheets'.

3. Filter your results according to your needs. You can filter by time frame, technician, job number, and more. You can use this section to understand how much time technicians are actually spending on the job site and better understand where their time goes.

*The location icon will appear next to the user’s name if the location was captured when clocking in. You can click on this to see the actual location of the job.

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