Adding a Deposit:

Create a deposit request right from your job page based on a specific dollar amount or a percentage of the job total.

1. Choose a relevant job.

2. Click on the ‘Estimates’ tab.

3. Choose an estimate you created or add a new estimate.

4. On the bottom-right corner add your deposit request amount.

5. Select if you would like to choose a deposit amount* in dollars ($) OR as a percentage (%).

(*The option you choose will be shown in dark grey!)

6. If your deposit request amount is fixed you can set it as a default for future estimates by checking the “Set for future estimates” box.

Sending a Deposit:

Here are the steps to send the estimate and get paid online.

1. After adding your deposit, click the “send” button.

2. Make sure you enable your clients to pay the deposit online by checking the “Let clients pay the deposit online” option!

3. Click on ‘Send by email’ or ‘ Send by SMS’ to send the estimate with your deposit request.

4. This is what your client will see once he opens your email or text message:

5. Clients can add their credit card info, sign, and pay the deposit online!

6. If they have any questions they can send you a message from the chatbot on the bottom-right corner.

7. You’ll get the message to your Workiz Inbox.

8. If the client pays you, you’ll get an additional confirmation message to your Workiz Inbox.

Updating Offline Payments

If your clients want to pay the deposit offline (for example to your techs when they are in the field) they can pay by cash, check, or credit card -and you can update it in the system right here:

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