Workiz Service Phone is an all-in-one phone system that you can use to manage your service business.

You Can Use Workiz Service Phone from the Mobile App to:

  • Receive and make calls or send text messages through your Workiz number

  • Review your call history list

  • Listen to call recordings (calls are automatically recorded & saved under the relevant job and client page)

Despite all of these benefits, Workiz cloud-based phone is dependent on a strong internet connection. This means you may have quality issues from time to time (just like you would on a Whatsapp call).

How Can You Improve the Quality of Your Calls?

  1. Choose Wi-Fi over a regular internet connection (4G, LTEā€¦)

  2. Avoid using the service phone in mountain or remote areas

  3. Check your headphones - some headphones refuse to be recognized by certain operating systems and can cause sound distortion.

What Should You Do if You Don't Have a Good Wi-Fi Connection?

If this is the case, your team can use their personal phone system. You can monitor these calls by simply activating Workiz Call Masking Feature (it takes less than 2 minutes to set up).

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