The Workiz Service Phone is available from the Workiz mobile app and can be used when your team is out in the field.

You can use the Workiz Service Phone from the mobile app to:

  • Receive and make calls or send text messages through your Workiz number

  • Review your call history list

  • Listen to call recordings - each call is automatically recorded & saved under the relevant job and client page.

How can I make calls from the mobile app? (see GIF below)

Option 1: Call from a job

  1. Choose the relevant job on the mobile app

  2. Click on the client’s phone number

  3. Choose “Call Using Workiz”

Option 2: Call from your calls history

  1. Click on the phone icon on the bottom menu

  2. Click on the relevant client

  3. Press on the phone icon

  4. Choose “Call using Workiz”

You may be asked to give the app permissions to use your microphone:

  1. Click on "Settings"

  2. Search for the permissions tab

  3. Click on the microphone

How can I send text messages from the mobile app?

  1. On the bottom menu, click on the "Messages" tab

  2. Click on the relevant client’s name

  3. Send your message

You can also send text messages while on a call with a client or from your call history. Just choose the relevant client and click on the "Message" icon.

How can I review my call history?

  1. On the bottom menu, click on the "Calls" tab.

  2. View incoming, outgoing or missed calls

  3. Check if you have any voicemails and listen to call recordings for quality and training purposes.

* Your techs only have access to their call history. However, as the owner or admin, you can view all incoming, outgoing, and missed calls for all techs and dispatchers from the mobile app.

How can I listen and share call recordings?

  1. On the bottom menu, click on the "Calls" tab.

  2. Click on the relevant call.

  3. Click play to listen to the call recording or “Send” to share it with someone.

* All of the call recordings are automatically added to your calls list in your dashboard and are saved under the relevant job and client page in the system.

One of the main benefits of your techs calling clients from the mobile app (and not their personal phones) is that it helps get more returning clients.

For example, when clients want to schedule another job or recommend your business to a friend, they will only have your business number and not your techs' personal phone number.

Based on the requests we received from service business owners who use Workiz, we created a one of a kind solution, called “Call Masking,” to solve this problem. With call masking, all calls are automatically tracked and recorded (even if your tech wants to call clients from his personal device). It keeps your clients' phone numbers hidden from your techs and vice versa.

Read more about call masking here.

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