What is a Call Queue?

When your customers call you and the line is busy, they "line up" in a call queue where they wait to be connected with you or your team. The goal is to make sure that all of your calls are answered quickly and efficiently and ensure that you don't miss a call or a potential job!

How Can I Set It Up?

Step 1: Go to "Settings".

Step 2: Click "Call Flows" under "Calls & Text".

Step 3. Create a new call flow or edit an existing one.

Step 4: Add a step to your flow (preferably after a greeting) by clicking the "Choose Next Step" button.

Step 5: From the step options click "Call Queue".

Step 6: Set up your call queue options (see below).

  1. Will ring on: Select the group of users to route incoming calls to. The users from this group will be alerted once a call comes in.

  2. Record calls: Select if you wish to record calls on this flow.

  3. Hold music: Choose the music that should be played while the caller is waiting.

  4. Wait: Decide how long the call should remain in the queue before moving on to the next step.

  5. If nobody answers: Determine what the next step should be. It can be anything from queuing another group, forwarding to an external number, or leading the call to voicemail.

How Do I Manage Calls?

  • When calls come in, your users will hear a sound and see pop up alerting them about the incoming call.

  • They can either connect or choose to ignore if they are unavailable.

  • On your calls page, you can see the calls that are waiting in the queue and click to pick up.

  • From your Workiz phone, you can see on the top right corner if any calls are waiting in the queue and connect.

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