With Workiz you easily manage your invoices. Keeping track of your financial records will help you be more organized and ensure that you get paid on time. Below is a list of simple ways to track and manage your invoices:

How Can I Find My Existing Invoices?

You can find existing invoices from two different entry points: the invoice page or client page.

Where Can I Find a Summary of My Financial Information?

From your invoices page, you have 4 different sections:

  1. Amount due from the number of invoices you have

  2. Amount overdue from the number of invoices you have

  3. Number of invoices that have been created but not sent yet

  4. Number of jobs that have been completed and need to be invoiced for

How Can I Filter My Invoices?

From the invoices page, click on “All” to filter your company’s invoices into 5 different categories:

  • All

  • Paid

  • Due

  • Overdue

  • Unsent

Can I Create Several Invoices at the Same Time?

Yes! You can create bulk invoices at the same time and send them in one go.

Step 1: Click on “Jobs need invoices” to see all of the jobs that are done and waiting to be invoiced.

Step 2: Select the jobs you’d like to invoice and click “Generate invoice” to create invoices for all of the jobs at one time.

Can I Send Several Invoices at the Same Time?

Yes! If you’d like to send out more than one invoice at a time, there’s a simple way to do it.

Step 1: Choose “Unsent invoices” from the tab on the top of the page.

Step 2: Check all of the invoices that you’d like to send.

Step 3: Click the “Send invoice” button.

How Can I Change the Status of Unsent Invoices to Sent (without sending them online)?

Let’s say you’ve delivered an invoice through a different means (for example: a paper invoice), and you would like to change the status to sent. Simply check the box beside that invoice and click “Mark sent”.

How Can I Sync My Invoices to QuickBooks:

You can automatically sync customers, invoices, and payment information between Workiz and QuickBooks online. Your QuickBooks account is usually managed from the job itself or through QuickBooks. However, you can also choose specific invoices from the invoices page by clicking “More” and then “Sync to QuickBooks”.

How Can I Search for a Specific Client?

If you’d like to find invoices relating to a specific client, type in their name under the “Search results” bar.

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