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How to create and send invoices
How to create and send invoices
Learn how to easily create and send invoices in Workiz.
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In this article, you will learn how to create and send invoices to your clients in Workiz.

Workiz allows both field techs and office dispatchers to easily create and send invoices to clients.

There are many ways to create an invoice in Workiz. Here, we will focus on creating an invoice from the sidebar navigation.

Creating an invoice

  1. From the sidebar navigation, select Add new > Invoice

  2. Decide if this is an invoice for a new client or an existing client

    1. New client: Select Create a new client and complete the required fields

    2. Existing client: Search for and select an existing client

Adding items to an invoice

  1. Select Add item

  2. Choose an item from the list of existing items and services

  3. Adjust the quantity as desired and select Save

  4. Repeat Steps 2–3 until you’ve added all the items you want to include for this invoice

Setting a due date for an invoice

Invoices will automatically set to be due on the day that they were created. If you want to offer your clients more time to pay an invoice, you can change the due date.

  1. Select the field next to Due on

  2. Choose the number of days you want to add to your due date and select OK

Adding extra information to an invoice

  1. Under Invoice Notes, enter any relevant notes for this invoice

  2. Next to Invoice Attachments, select Upload to include files relevant to this invoice

Sending an invoice and requesting payment

Note: In order to request a payment for this invoice using Workiz, you must first enable online payments by signing up for Workiz Pay.

To learn more about Workiz Pay, please see this article.

  1. Once you have added all the items for this invoice, select Send

  2. Complete the Send invoice fields:

    1. From: Enter your email address (email only)

    2. To: Enter your client’s email address (email only)

    3. CC: Enter any other email address that should receive the invoice (email only)

    4. Subject: The subject line for the email containing the invoice (email only)

    5. Phone: Your client’s phone number (text message only)

    6. Message: The message your client will see in the text message or email containing the invoice

    7. Let client pay with a credit card: Choose whether you want your client to be able to pay using a credit card online

    8. Request signature: Choose whether you want to request a signature from your client

    9. Advanced: Select Advanced and choose all of the invoice details you want your client to see

    10. Select Send Email or Send Text as desired

What your clients will see

Your customers will receive an email or text message that includes your message and a link to view the invoice in the Workiz customer portal.

Tip: To customize the look of your invoices, please see this article.

Your invoice will automatically be marked as sent after you send it to your client. You will also see a timestamp of when the invoice was sent.

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