Workiz allows your field techs and office dispatchers to easily create and send invoices to clients. Below is a step-by-step process of how to create your invoice with and without a job.

Add an Invoice from an Existing Job:

Step 1: Go to the "Jobs" tab on the left menu.

Step 2: Choose the job that you would like to invoice for.

Step 3: Click on the “Items” tab. Start adding your items, the cost for each item, and then click “Create Invoice”.

Step 4: Click “More” and then “Preview” to see the invoice before you send it over to the client.

Step 5: Click “Send” to choose what you want the client to see on the invoice.

For example, you may not want them to see the hour item, so you can uncheck this option. Here are the options you can choose from:

  • Quantity

  • Price

  • Line total

  • Hour items

  • Expense items

  • Service items

  • Product items

Once you check the items that the client should see on this invoice, these settings will remain as the default option for all of your invoices.

You can also choose if you would like to change the template of the invoice by clicking on “Invoice Settings” and easily change the format (see related article).

Step 6: From this tab, check the “Let client pay with a credit card” option for a quick and easy online payment. This will allow your clients to pay you by credit card.

Step 7: Choose how you’d like to send the invoice, either by “Email or “SMS.

Your client will receive a link that will open to the view below. As soon as the payment is made, you will get a confirmation message to your personal email and Workiz inbox.

Add an Invoice without an Existing Job:

Step 1: Click “Add Newon the left side of the home page.

Step 2: Choose “Invoice”.

Step 3: Decide if you would like to invoice an existing client or a new one. To continue the invoicing process, see Step 3 from the instructions above.

If you decide to save an invoice and send it later, it will be saved in the “Invoices” section of your Workiz platform.

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