In this article, you will learn how to create sub-statuses in Workiz.

What is a status?

Statuses — also known as parent statuses — are conditions you can assign to a job to describe the state of a job’s progress. They are a great way to help improve communication across your team, providing everyone with enhanced visibility on the current stage of a job’s development.

By default, you will be able to assign one of six statuses to a job in Workiz:

  • Submitted

  • In progress

  • Canceled

  • Done

  • Pending

  • Done pending approval

What is a sub-status?

Workiz allows you to further customize the state of a job’s progress using sub-statuses. A sub-status is a secondary, more detailed condition that you can assign to a job. It exists underneath a parent status, allowing you to provide greater detail beyond the default statuses on your Workiz account.

Sub-statuses are completely customizable so that you can create conditions unique to your individual business. Workiz does not provide default sub-statuses, but here are some examples of the sort of sub-statuses you can create in Workiz:

  • Status: In progress

    • Sub-status: En route (tech is on the way)

    • Sub-status: Working (tech is working)

  • Status: Pending

    • Sub-status: Waiting for parts

    • Sub-status: Rescheduling

  • Status: Canceled

    • Sub-status: Too late

    • Sub-status: Too expensive

Creating a sub-status

While you won’t need to create a status, you will need to create sub-statuses as desired.

  1. From the navigation bar, select Settings > Settings

  2. Under Job Settings, select Sub-Status

  3. From the Sub-status page, select Add New

  4. Complete the Add New Sub-Status fields:

    1. Parent status: Choose the parent status that you are creating a new sub-status for (e.g., In Progress, Pending, etc.)

    2. Sub-Status: Enter a name for the sub-status you are creating

    3. Color: Choose a color for the sub-status you are creating

    4. Select Save

Updating a job's sub-status

To learn about updating a job’s status or sub-status, please see this article.

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