Job statuses and sub-statuses can help keep track of the job’s progress.
It’s also a great way to communicate with your team and filter what needs to be done.

Your Workiz account has four main statuses for open jobs:

  • Submitted – Scheduled and waiting to be assigned/dispatched.

  • In Progress – Assigned to a team member and dispatched.

  • Pending – Waiting for parts/call back or any other stage of the work where something is missing and needs to be completed.

  • Done pending – Some businesses don’t want techs closing jobs on their own, so they will place this status on a job. Then, you or a manager can look it over and close it.

In order to be more specific, you can add a sub status to each status. For example:

  • When a job is "In progress" you can add sub statuses such as:
    - On route (tech is on the way)
    - Working (tech is working).

  • When a job is "Pending" you can add sub statuses like:
    - Waiting for parts
    - Needs follow up (the job was postponed and you are waiting for the client to reschedule).

  • When a job is "Canceled" you can add sub statuses like:
    - Too late (we were late and the customer canceled).
    - Too expensive (client decided the on-premise estimate was too much).

Adding a sub status:

  1. From the top-hand navigation bar, click the "Settings" under the gear tab.

2. Under Job Settings, click "Sub Status".

3. Click "Add New" to create a new sub-status.

4. In the pop-up:

  • Select the main job statuses

  • Name your new sub status

  • Pick a color tag (optional)

  • Click "Create" to save.

5. Your new sub status is added to your list and ready to be used in jobs.

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