You can change the default item numbers for your

  • Jobs
  • Leads
  • Invoices
  • Estimates

How to change the next number?

1. Click the top right settings icon and then settings from the drop-down menu

2. Click the Numbering tab under general settings.

3. Here you can see the next numbers for all your items

  1. Job IDs coded – Some business owners prefer to keep their number coded. If you choose this option your Job IDs would look like this: XD76S6 and will have no sequential order.
  2. Next job id – If job IDs are not coded.
  3. Next invoice id.
  4. Next Estimate id.
  5. Next Lead id.

Notice: You can not update a number lower than your latest job/lead/invoice/estimate.

4. Click update to save.

Invoice IDs

Invoice id numbers are different from your job’s id. So job id# 105 can have an invoice id number #1005
If you are using coded job IDs then your invoice and job id will be the same (X44JAT6…)

Estimate IDs

Estimates that were created under a job, will bear the same id as the job + their number in the jobs estimates.
Example: Job id # 20056 will have estimates labeled

  • 20056-1
  • 20056-2
  • 20056-3
  • and so on…

Estimates created without a job will have their own separate numbers according to the numbers you’ve updated.

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