Now that you have set up your Workiz Service Chatbot, follow the below steps to easily add your Workiz Chatbot to your website:

  1. Copy the code from your Chatbot settings.

2. Go to your WordPress site and log in to your dashboard.

3. Click "Appearance" from the left menu and then "Editor".

4. Search for "header.php" on the right and click it.
5. Search for the phrase "<head>" and paste the code there.
6. Click 'Update File'.

7. Go back to the Workiz Chatbot Onboarding Settings.

8. Verify your website.

9. Try it out.

10. Check your inbox and automatically add the appointment you got from your Chatbot as a new job!

That's it, your service chatbot is now installed and can be viewed on your live site!

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