A dispatcher's job isn’t easy -  they’re constantly receiving calls, adding jobs to your business schedule and communicating back and forth between techs and clients. 

Workiz has many features  built to support the dispatcher, as well as save  time and energy.

With Workiz -  

  1. Dispatchers Don’t Need to Manually Dial Clients Numbers -  Dispatchers often call clients to ask for more details, directions or update them about a job. With Workiz, the dispatcher can simply call clients in one click of a button, directly from the Workiz software - either from the relevant client page or job.  
  1. The Dispatcher Doesn’t Need to Listen or Add Jobs Via Voicemail - Every time a user leaves a voicemail, Workiz converts it into a text message. From this text message, the dispatcher can add it as a new job in one click.
  • Dispatchers Don’t Need to Manually Send Appointment Reminders - With Workiz, we free up your dispatcher’s time for the most important work. This means that dispatchers no longer have the manually remind clients about job appointments. The Workiz software does it automatically by sending customers a request to confirm their appointment (preventing customers from ghosting on the appointment.)_ 
  • Dispatchers Don’t Need to Ask How the Client Heard About Your Business - Before the client even starts talking - you’ll know where the job came from. Just add a Whisper message so you know which lead source the client came from. (i.e. your Whisper message could say “This job came from Yelp.”) This way you don’t have to rely on your client’s memory - and your reporting is 100% accurate.
  • Dispatchers Can Collect Only the Relevant Info for the Tech - In Workiz, you can add fields to your jobs and leads in order to collect only the relevant information that your business needs. For example, a locksmith company can add a car model, car make and VIN fields. This means more efficiency and better communication in your service business.  
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