Why use a Call Flow?

If you want to look more professional and send callers to the right place,  you can create a call route for every digit pressed. You can forward each call to the right person or department and  make sure that you’re always available for your clients.


(Go to Calls page > Settings> Call Flows)

  • Step 1 - Name your Call Flow -  For example, people who came from your  website, called the number on the invoice receipt (to customer support), etc. 
  • Step 2 - Add the Call Source (Ad Group) - Where does this number appear? On your site, Facebook page, Yelp profile, postcards? 
  • Step 3 - Define your Business Hours (Schedule) - Set the hours when employees will be available. You can decide that after working hours, the call will be routed to a personal cell phone, voicemail or service center.


  • Step 4 - Add a call greeting - This allows you to sound more professional, for example “Welcome to 123 Locksmith, the best emergency Locksmiths in San Diego offering 24/7 service…”. (Read more about call greetings)


  • Step 5 - Add a Call Menu  -  These are multiple options that callers can choose from by pressing the number on their dial pad. The call menu directs your clients to the right person at the right time (for example - “Press 1 to schedule  a new job, 2 for an estimate, and 3 for customer support”)
  • Step 6 - Test it! - Save your call flow and call the number to try it out. 
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