Calling clients to ask for more details, directions or maybe to update them is a daily routine. So wouldn't it be great that instead of manually dialing  clients, the dispatcher and the techs in the field can call customers with a click of a button?

With Workiz, the dispatcher can call clients directly from the Workiz software - from the relevant client page or the relevant job.  

The dispatcher and technician can also text one another as well as clients through the Workiz inbox. This saves time and also offers customers a better customer experience.   

What about incoming calls?

If you put a Workiz number on your site or any other marketing channel, when clients call you - you can pick up the phone through the software, meaning - right from your desktop. 

Also when the dispatcher opens a new job, Workiz automatically fills out the client number field and the call source field with the relevant job source (Site, Yelp, Facebook page, etc.), which saves you time and energy. 

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