In this article, you will learn how to block numbers in Workiz Phone.

Whether you want to prevent calls from spammers, telemarketers, or other unwanted individuals, you can easily block a number using Workiz.

Blocking unwanted callers: Method 1

  1. From the sidebar navigation, select Calls

  2. From the Calls page, select Settings > Blocked callers

  3. Select Block a number

  4. Complete the Block number fields:

    1. Number: Enter the phone number you want to block

    2. (Optional) Description: Enter a brief description to remind yourself why you are blocking this number (e.g., telemarketer, spam, etc.)

    3. Select Block

Blocking unwanted callers: Method 2

  1. From the Calls page, find the number you want to block

  2. Next to the number you want to block, select the icon under Status

  3. From the sidebar, select the + icon > Block caller

  4. Select Confirm

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