Workiz Service Phone is an integrated phone system, designed for field service business. It helps service pros manage their business and save hundreds of dollars each month.

How Does it Work?

  • Never miss a call - Add a call greeting, record your calls, and create a smooth call flow so your clients will never hear a busy line.

  • Save your dispatcher’s time by avoiding multiple platforms - Call clients right from your Workiz job page. See the full job timeline to help you follow your client’s requests, identify important info such as job details, and listen to call recordings.

  • Ensure your techs are giving great customer service on the field - Assign techs to a job without revealing clients’ personal phone numbers. Record tech & client calls to ensure a great customer experience.

  • Optimize your marketing budget - Keep track of your marketing channels (Yellow Pages, Yelp, Google Ads, etc.) to understand which ads are generating more calls, more jobs, and most importantly, more revenue.

What Are the Costs?

Every Workiz plan comes with a free Workiz phone number (local or toll-free) and a bundle of free minutes and text messages, giving you the opportunity to experience the product and the value it offers.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is a Service Phone?

Workiz Service Phone is the only phone system built for field service businesses.

It helps service businesses save thousands of dollars each month by making sure that each call (job opportunity) is answered, and that all job info and communication is saved in one place.

2. Can I Keep My Existing Business Number?

Yes! If your clients are used to your current number and you’d like to keep it, you can port your phone number over to Workiz. It takes 2-3 weeks, but we will take care of it.

3. What’s the Difference Between a Simple Phone Software and Workiz Service Phone?

Simple phone systems offer the option to make and receive calls, and possibly some other features. However, none of them can integrate with your field service scheduling software like Workiz Service Phone. In addition, we offer call masking, client & tech recordings, or ad tracking to help you optimize your business and marketing costs.

4. Can I Get a 1:1 Training Session About How to Use Workiz Service Phone?

Absolutely! The product is very intuitive, but we also offer initial and ongoing support in order to help you manage and grow your business.

5. Do I Need to Buy a New Phone Device?

There is no need to buy a new phone device! You can forward the calls to any landline or cell phone. In addition, you can also answer calls directly from your Workiz account.

6. Can I Use Workiz Service Phone Without Using Workiz Scheduling Software?

Workiz Service Phone is available for Workiz scheduling software subscribers. It's an additional powerful suite of tools that helps you manage your service business better.

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