Having a Workiz number means you can enjoy Workiz Phone System! Some of the included features are: making and receiving calls with your Workiz dialer, keeping track of all of your calls between clients and techs, and accessing saved call recordings from every single client interaction.

Every Workiz customer gets one Workiz number included with their Workiz account FOR FREE! If you’d like a second Workiz number or multiple Workiz numbers you easily purchase them! 

How Can I Purchase Another Workiz Number?

  1. You can create a new Workiz number by logging into your Workiz account and clicking on the 'Calls' tab from the left-hand navigation panel.

  2. Click Settings > Numbers > Get A Number.

  3. You can select US, Canadian, local or toll-free numbers, in the area code of your choice with the digits of your choice. Pick one or hundreds of numbers for your home service business.

4. The 'Buy Number' screen will open. Select 'Get Number' when you’re satisfied or continue searching for numbers until you find the one that you want.

5. When you've successfully selected your Workiz number, you’ll see a verification screen letting you know if your number was purchased. (You can continue to assign calls to call flows or create call flows for each Workiz number.)

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