With Workiz you’ll look like a pro right from the first call with your own call greeting.
All of your calls are automatically recorded and saved under the relevant job or client page. This way you gain full control over your service business and can understand the whole job lifecycle -  from the time the call comes in to scheduling the job and getting paid.

What’s Included with Workiz Phone system? 

  • Never miss a job with text message appointment reminders - Let’s face it. It’s 2020 and your customers want to be able to text you. Now with Workiz, you can send auto appointment reminders with a request to confirm the appointment and instant payment requests right from your Workiz number. Clients can reply to this number by text message or just call you back - you can easily edit add reminders here
  • Build Your Own Professional Call Flow - Provide your customers with a professional phone greeting and decide where your calls go with Workiz call forwarding.You can direct calls to one or as many phone numbers as you’d like - Build your call flow.
  • Gain Control With Call Recording - Improve your customer service and avoid ‘he said, she said’ situations by recording calls with Workiz. Your calls are automatically added to the relevant job and client, so your entire communication is organised in one place.  
  • Easily Call Clients With the Workiz Dialer-  You can call clients in one click, right from the relevant job or client page. This means your dispatcher doesn’t have to waste time  on dialling every number from scratch - just do it in one click with Workiz.
  • Track and Manage All Your Calls  - View all incoming, outgoing and missed calls from your Workiz call dashboard. Best of all, it’s completely trackable and filterable by status, duration and more.  Go to calls list 
  • Keep Your Client Private With Call Masking - Keep the phone numbers of your clients and technicians hidden from each other to ensure better customer service. 

Here’s how it  works on the technical end:

  1. A job is scheduled in Workiz, and a unique-3 digit number is created.
  2. The technician calls a special Workiz phone number used for call masking.
  3. The technician enters the extension number.
  4. A phone call is placed from the technician to the client.
  5. The technician and client speak without seeing each other's real phone numbers.

This ensures both the technician and client’s numbers are kept private, the calls are recorded and you know what’s going on outside of the office.   

  • Save time with Workiz Voicemail to text - Every time a user leaves a Voicemail, Workiz will convert the Voicemail to a text message and you can add it as a new job in one click.
  • Understand What Ads Drive More Calls with call tracking - Get a tracking number for each dedicated Marketing channel that you use like - Yelp, Facebook, Google ads or any offline marketing channel that you use to market your business.See what advertising channels bring enough calls, leads and revenue to justify their expense.  When you understand what’s working and what’s not - you can double down on the ads that work and kill the ad sources that are wasting your money - Go to Call Tracking Report 
  •  Know where every call came from with Call Whisper - Before a call is connected with a client you will hear a Whisper message (for example “this call came from Yelp”) so you’ll know what lead source your client came from.

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