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How to update estimate statuses
How to update estimate statuses

Read our guide on how to update the statuses of your estimates.

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In this article, you will learn how to update an estimate’s status.

In Workiz, an estimate’s status is designed to be updated automatically depending on certain actions taken from within the software.

For example, after an estimate is sent to the client, the estimate’s status would automatically change from Unsent to Pending. If the client chooses to approve the estimate from the Workiz client portal, the estimate’s status would automatically change from Pending to Approved.

Estimate statuses

Estimates in Workiz can be assigned one of six statuses:

  • Unsent: The estimate was created but never sent to the client

  • Pending: The estimate was sent to the client and is pending approval

  • Denied: The client has rejected the estimate

  • Approved: The client has approved the estimate

  • Won: The estimate has been approved and has been converted into a job in Workiz (i.e., you selected sync to job)

  • Archived: The estimate was linked to a job that has since been canceled

Manually updating an estimate’s status

In Workiz, you will also have the ability to manually update an estimate’s status.

  1. From the sidebar menu, select Estimates

  2. Find the estimate you want to update the status for

  3. Select the dropdown menu under Status and choose a status as desired

Tip: If you have multiple estimates that need status updates, you can apply bulk changes by selecting all of the estimates and selecting Change status.

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