The best way to manage your estimates and workflow is to keep your estimate statuses updated.

Estimates in Workiz have 6 Different Statuses:

1. Unsent - the estimate was created but never sent to a client.
2. Pending - the estimate was sent to a client and is pending approval. You will be notified once a client takes an action.

3. Approved - the client has approved and signed the estimate.
4. Denied - the client did not like the proposal and declined.
5. Won - the estimate is confirmed and has been synched to a job. You can click "sync details to job" or "convert to job" to automatically move the status to "Won".

6. Archived - the estimate is no longer relevant. When you cancel a job, the estimates are automatically moved to an "Archived" status.

How Can You Manually Update a Status?

You can always change the status manually from:

  1. The estimate itself (as seen below).

2. The estimate report - you can change the status for one estimate or check multiple ones and change their statuses in bulk.

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