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The main difference is that clock in / clock out is for technicians to use on a specific job site.  The timesheet is much more general and used to indicate your hours for the day at the company - it’s best used for people like dispatchers, office staff and general workers. Clock in / out clock is best for technicians who have to work on actual job sites.

What happens if you are already signed into timesheets and try to use the clock in / clock out feature?

A technician cannot be signed in both to timesheets and onto a job with the clock in / clock out feature. 

Here’s a run-down if that scenario happens:

  1. The technician is signed into the timesheet and clocks into a job.
  2. The technician will now be signed out of timesheets and into that specific job.
  3. The technician presses “stop” to clock out of the specific job. 
  4. The technician is now signed back into timesheets. 
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