How to Use the Job Time Tracking Feature
(Clock in / Clock out feature)

The Clock in, Clock out feature is a great way to understand how long your technician spent on each individual job. Here’s how it works:

For Technicians:
Using the Clock in, Clock out feature when logged into the Workiz App: 

1.Open a job from the dashboard

2. Click the Start button (play button.)

3. The timer starts inside of the relevant job. A banner also appears in the Workiz app to let technicians know that they are clocked into a job.

4. Click the Stop button to let Workiz know that you’re done with the job.

Editing Your Hours in the Workiz App:

Let’s say that you made a mistake and forgot to clock in or out of a job.
Important: If you have the correct permission level, you can edit your hours in the app. Otherwise, you need to ask your system admin to do this for you.

1.Open the job with the hours you need to fix.

2. Click the finance tab to view the job’s tracked hours

3. Select the job start or end date (whatever you need to correct.)

4. A clock will open. Edit the start/stop hour to reflect your hours.
5. Press ok.

6. Save the job and you’re all set! 

You cannot be clocked into timesheets and on a job at the same time. If you are clocked into timesheets and then clock into a job, you will be signed out of your timesheet and signed back into that job. As soon as you end the job, you will be signed back into timesheets.


How to view hours spent on a job from inside the actual job:

1.From inside the Workiz app select the relevant job.
2. Click the Finance tab.
3. Scroll down to the time tracking section to view any time tracked for this job

4. Click any time shift to edit it.

 How to view hours spent on a job from Reports:

  1. From the left-hand navigation bar, click Reports.
  2. Select Timesheets.
  3. Filter your results according to your needs. You can filter by time frame, technician, job number and more. You can use this section to understand how much time technicians are actually spending on the job site and better understand where their time goes. 

*The location icon appears next to the user’s name if the location was captured when clocking in. You can click this to see the actual location.

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