How do I use the Workiz dialer?

How do I access the Workiz dialer?

Click the dialer icon at the top right hand of your screen.

The dialer opens.

1-Search bar: Type in a number or search an existing Contact to call
-Calling From: Select the number you wish to dial from (if you have multiple numbers)

Manage numbers:

From this screen you can:

A: Get a new number: Select a US or Canadian based local number or toll-free number. Choose as many numbers as you’d like.

B: Block Numbers: Add any numbers that you’d like to automatically block
C: Flows:
You can assign each number to an existing flow in Workiz.
(Don’t have the flow you want? Then just create a new one.)

From this screen you also have access to all of the regular Workiz Voice capabilities such as:
A: Dashboard:
Main control panel - See active calls, Calls missed calls, Callers, Flows, Numbers, Calls and Filter calls by dates, and see visualizations of this information.
B: Flows:
Add, edit and delete existing call flows, and see the numbers associated with each flow
C: Numbers:
See all of your existing numbers, the flows associated with them, change the flows associated with each number or delete them. You can also get a new number or block a number from this page.
D: Groups: See your call groups (forwarding calls to multiple users or devices), add groups, delete groups, add or delete users from existing groups etc.
E: Devices: See the devices associated with each phone number, the user they are assigned to, and Add, edit, or delete devices from this page
F: Call Masking: Set up and manage call masking from this page (keep your clients numbers private and monitor all tech/employee communication.)

3-Call Log: Access your most recent calls

From your call log you can even

Add a new:
A: Client/Lead/Job

B: Listen to a recording of your call

C: Dial this number again

  1. Add New Client
  2. Add New Job
  3. Add New Lead

4-Contact Book: Access and search from your existing Workiz contacts

5-Dialer icon: Dial/Hang up a call

6-Status: Choose whether you are available / unavailable.

Available: Make and receive calls
Unavailable: Make calls. Any calls received will go through your phone tree, in the call flow you have selected (to your backup number, voicemail, etc.)

7-Dialer: Manually dial a number to call

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