Interested in using the Workiz softphone? Yay!

You can answer any questions you might have right here, before getting started.

1-What is the Workiz softphone?

The Workiz softphone lets you call existing and prospective clients, and your employees from right inside your Workiz app.

2-Why does my service business need a softphone?

Your service business relies heavily on phone communication between your clients and techs. And many of the existing phone systems you may be using (landlines and cellphones) aren’t recording calls and automatically adding them to jobs. 

Meaning, you might have no records of client/tech communication at the moment…..

With the new Workiz softphone, your calls will automatically be added to the correct jobs and clients, allowing you to keep excellent records, understand exactly what happened with each and every client, what services were offered, how your staff interacted with your client and more.

This gives you the correct context for every single client and job, allows you to look at the big picture, and take the appropriate actions in your business.

3.What are the costs associated?

About Workiz phone numbers:

Before you begin to use the Workiz softphone, you’ll need to claim your Workiz phone number.

First, you’ll choose the area code you’d like, and we’ll automatically suggest an available phone number within that area code. (Of course, if you don’t like the number we suggest, you’re free to browse until you find the number you’d like to claim.) You can have as few or as many Workiz phone numbers as you like, all with the same or all with different area codes (perfect if you provide services to different metro areas.)

A - Costs of Workiz phone numbers:

First Workiz phone number: Free and included in your plan

Each additional Workiz phone number: $2 / month

B- What is the cost of calls made with the Workiz softphone?

All ingoing and outgoing calls made with the Workiz softphone are 5¢ (five cents) a minute.

4-Can I use the Workiz softphone to make international calls?

At this time, the Workiz softphone can only be used to make calls to the United States and Canada.

5-Can I use the Workiz softphone on my desktop / cellphone?

The Workiz softphone is designed for dispatchers and those in the office who are primarily receiving and dispatching service calls. Therefore, Workiz softphone is only for use on desktop/laptop, and is not designed to work on cell phones or the Workiz app.

6- Why can’t I find a number in the area code I’d like?

Workiz depends on third-party suppliers, so be sure to check back from time-to-time to see if we have a number in the area code that you’d like.

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