Auto leads allow you to automatically create leads from lead sources you know. Workiz will parse the Email or text message you receive and create a new lead.

First, enable your Leads Add-ons.

1. Click the Settings Cogwheel, located in the top, right-hand corner.

2. Select Add-ons.

3. From the Add-ons page, turn the Leads toggle to ON.

Now, set up an auto lead source

4. Go to Settings

5. Click the Auto leads tab

6. Click Add New to create a new Auto lead

7. Name your new rule

8. Enter the Email address or Text message number these leads are coming from.

9. Specify where to forward these messages to (Optional)

10. Add an auto-response like: "Ok got it!" (Optional)

11 Select how to pick up data

11.1 By custom formula - Type in the pattern that our messages usually come in as, Press # to use shortcodes
For example Name: {{job.fullName}} Tell Workiz that after Name: We will find the customers name

11.2 Automatic - Workiz will search your messages for common patterns: Name, formatted US address (123 w main st San Diego, CA 92109) and phone numbers

12. Save and your new rule is ready to work.

Getting your rules to work.

Notify your lead provider to start sending new leads to your Workiz Email ( Or your Workiz SMS number and leads will start automatically create from there.

Auto Identify External Companies

If the Email address or phone number the message is coming from matches one of your external companies the lead will be auto-assigned to that company.

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