Online booking with Workiz makes it easy to attract new clients because jobs can be booked through your:

  • Business website

  • Social media pages

  • Other marketing channels of your choice

  • By sending clients the link to the online booking page so that they can book a service by themselves.

Once they book a job you'll be notified immediately!

Online booking with Workiz allows clients to schedule your services according to your real-time availability. Our online booking is customizable, allowing you to adjust the services you wish to offer, the length of time slots, operating hours, and required client information. You can even customize the look and feel of your online form!

To Set Up Your Online Booking Page:

1. Go to "Settings"

2. Under "Integrations," click on "Online Booking"

Note: If you do not already have your Online Booking widget set up, you will need to click on "Settings," then "Add-ons" and make sure that the Online Booking toggle is set to “on”.

3. From the Online Booking page:
      Page Title: Customize the page title of your booking page
      Main Color: Select the main color scheme
      Use Account Logo: Choose whether or not you’d like to add your logo
      Business Hours: To Edit your business hours of operation, select "View and Edit Your Hours" and adjust accordingly.

Note: Editing your business hours from the Online Booking page affects your business hours of operation on a system-wide level. So, the hours that you use in the online booking widget are the hours that are visible to customers.

Time Slot Length: Indicate the length of time that customers/leads can book for a scheduled service.
Business Availability:
          1. Allow Double Booking: Allows you to double book appointments
          2. Based on Tech’s availability: Based on the available time slots and

availability of your techs
          3. Choose the Number of Jobs Per Slot: Ideal for companies who use

subcontractors to accept excess jobs

Service Types: Select the services you are allowing customers to book from the

online booking page.

  4. Form Fields:
      i. Field Table: From the listed options, choose which fields you’d like to be visible and require on your online booking page.

      ii. Apply Ad Group: Leave this blank or select an ad group you wish to associate to this page.

      iii. Notify: Here you will add the contact information of all persons that will be alerted when an online booking is made.

5. When you’re satisfied, scroll to the top of the Online Booking page and click "Try it out."

A new window will open, allowing you to preview this page before going live.

6. When you’re satisfied and want to go live, click "Save."

7. When you’d like to use the link, scroll to the top of the Online Booking page, and click "Copy link to clipboard."

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