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Managing time off on your business schedule
Managing time off on your business schedule

Learn how to quickly add and remove time off on your schedule in Workiz.

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In this article, you will learn how to add and remove time off in your Workiz schedule.

Whether your employee is taking vacation time, you need time to see the dentist, or your entire company is off for a holiday, your calendar will need to reflect that availability. Workiz makes it easy to schedule time off.

How to add time off

  1. From the sidebar navigation, select Schedule

  2. Select the Add time off icon

  3. Complete the Add time off fields:

    1. Select user: Choose the user you want to add time off for

    2. Start: Choose when the time off should begin

    3. End: Choose when the time off should end

    4. Description: Enter a brief description to explain the time off

    5. Select Create

The time off for that individual user will now be included on your schedule.

IMPORTANT: Adding time off for a user will NOT prevent you from assigning them to jobs. Workiz will still allow you to override the time off and assign this user to jobs, making it important for you to regularly review your schedule before assigning jobs.

Depending on your online booking configurations, the time off may be reflected in your online booking portal, preventing customers from selecting time slots that have been marked as time off.

How to remove time off

  1. Select the time off slot on your schedule

  2. Select Delete

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