Using the schedule settings is an easy-way to define your business hours at a system-level, and customize your schedule according to your own business needs, including changing the job preview text which appears on your schedule for each job.

  1. Log into your Workiz account.
  2. Click the Settings cogwheel at the top of the screen.
  3. From the drop-down, click the Settings option.
  4. Click Schedule Settings.
  5. Under Business Hours: You can select the days and times your business operates, or select Always open, if you would like your hours to show as 24/7 (ideal for some locksmiths, roadside assistance or emergency service providers.)

6. Select visible hour range: Ever schedule an appointment outside of business hours? Selecting your visible hour range ensures that you’ll see every appointment scheduled on your calendar - even if it’s outside of your set hours of operation. (i.e. If your available Business hours are 9-5, M-F, but you decide to schedule a job at 6pm on a Wednesday, this will ensure you see that appointment on your schedule. It will not change your business hours.)

7. Appointment color by: Select whether the appointment is color-coded according to Tech or Metro Area.
8. Schedule template: When you’re looking at your schedule - what would you like to appear in preview mode for each job on your calendar? In this section create the tags you’d like to appear when previewing each job. (In this example. we've created a preview using the customer's name, company name and zip code.) 

9. Click Save when you’re satisfied.
Your schedule now reflects your specified changes. 

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