You can add tasks to your schedule to better manage your jobs and business.

Tasks can be associated with a client or be stand-alone items. They are often used as reminders to block out time on the schedule.

  1. Click on the upper-left gear and then on “Marketplace”

2. Search for the "Tasks" add-on by scrolling down, using the search bar, or by clicking on one of the categories and click on "Learn More".

3. From the upper-right side slide the toggle to "Active."

4. Click on one of your jobs

5. Click on the "Tasks" tab on the right of the page

6. Click on "New Task"

7. Type in the task details and assign a specific tech if relevant. When you're done click "save"

8 The item is now added to the job's task list. You can also view the created tasks in your schedule.

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