Now, it’s possible to customize the entire color scheme of your online web forms within Workiz. Instead of just a standard white form with a green call to action button, you can customize the colors to suit your website, or company branding.

Here’s how to customize your web form colors

  1. Log into your Workiz account.
  2. Click the Settings cogwheel at the top of the screen.
  3. From the drop-down, click the Settings option.
  4. Under Integrations, click Website integration.
  5. On the Website Integration page, select +Add new form.
  6. On the Add New Web Form page enter:
       a. Your Form Title
    b. Select the Form Fields you’d like to display, and whether or not they’re required for submission.
       c. Form Options:  
          i. Enter the name and phone number of the person who should be notified whenever receiving a completed form.
          ii. Select User Dropdown: Select a user who should be automatically assigned to complete this job. Or you can opt to leave this field blank, if not applicable.  
          iii. Select Ad Group: If relevant, you can designate the source where this lead came from (i.e. Facebook, Yelp, etc.)  
          iv. Use Captcha: Use this option to make sure only a human submits your form.
          d. Hosted form options: Fill out this section if you don’t have your own website. This is a standalone online form that we host for you, that collects the details you have indicated.e. Customize your form’s color scheme via the Form Colors selection. You can also upload your company logo.
    Preview your web form before going live, to make sure you’ve got it just right, on the right-hand side of the Web Form page.
  7. When you’re satisfied with your web form, click Save.
  8. From the popup, you can now copy the link of your standalone form, or the the snippet of code provided, to embed this form on an existing website.  
       a. Link - Use this option if you don’t have your own site. This is a standalone, hosted form that you can use to collect the information you’ve specified.  
       b. Embed in site - Copy and paste this snippet of code onto every page of your own site where you’d like the form to appear.

9. Click Close, when you’re satisfied.
10. All web forms are saved on the Website integration page and can be edited, deleted or used at a later time.

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