How SMS Recharging Works in Workiz

The beauty of Workiz is that it’s not just an online scheduling tool, it’s a complete, multi-channel solution to communicate and manage jobs, customers and your team. This includes full control over business phone conversations and SMSes.  

Every Workiz plan comes included with its own local phone number and an SMS plan, that you can use to communicate with your contacts, including customers and staff.

Here’s how the Workiz SMS plan works:

On the first of every month, your account is always credited with 500 free messages*, which you can use during that month. 

The Supplemental Plan:

If you go over 500 messages*, you are then charged $10 for an addition 2000 messages (or $0.005 per message.) If you don't finish up your paid balance, the unused messages roll over to your account the following month. 

Reloading Your Balance:

If you go over your additional 2000 messages, you can reload your balance by purchasing more SMSes. You can reload your balance with any amount that you specify (i.e. you can reload your balance for an extra $20, which would entitle you to 4000 messages, at a rate of $0.005 a message, for incoming and outgoing messages.)

(*Or the amount otherwise stipulated in your monthly plan.)

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